Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus® Online Master Training

The Holy Grail of hypnosis and personal development!

The most powerful and advanced MasterClass on mesmerism, fascination and non verbal hypnosis. Immerse yourself in rediscovered secret techniques : an Authentic Tradition updated with modern quantistic science.

Imagine being REALLY able to master any non-verbal hypnosis and mesmerism techniques. Even the most unknown and secret ones. Enter the secret.  The SECRET is within yourself. And now imagine using these techniques, for your well-being, and in real life to: manage a challenging period and rise after it, start or boost a business by charming people being the obvious best choice, enchant people with your ideas, hypnotize for healing, and most importantly manage your inner states and develop the force and the power in you beyond your imagination …

NEW: in this COVID-19 PERIOD... Acquiring skills are the only essential things at this time!

These techniques were already useful and sought for before this pandemic outbreak. Now there is even a greater need to learn it. There is now also an enhanced awareness about staying healthy and well-being in general. Take advantage of this time you have  and don’t get caught out unprepared by the opportunities that will arise for you after this COVID-19 emergency is over. Take action now…

“Captain, the hub is worried and very agitated about the quarantine they imposed on us at the port. Can you talk to us?”
“What troubles you, boy? Don’t you have enough food? Don’t you sleep enough?”
“This is not it, Captain, I can’t stand not being able to go ashore, not being able to embrace my loved ones.”
“And if they let you down and you were contagious, would you bear the guilt of infecting someone who can’t stand the disease?”
“I would never forgive myself, even if this plague was invented for me!”
“Maybe it is, but if it doesn’t?”
“I understand what you mean, but I feel deprived of freedom, Captain, they have deprived me of something.”
“And you deprive yourself of even more things, boy.”
“You are making fun of me?”
“Not at all … If you let yourself be deprived of something without responding adequately, you have lost”.
“So, in your opinion, if they take something from me, do I have to take other ones off to win?”
“Sure. I did it in the quarantine of seven years ago.”
“And what did you deprive yourself of?”
“I had to wait more than twenty days on the ship. I had been waiting for months to enjoy the port and enjoy some spring on land. There was an epidemic. In Port April they forbade us to go down. The first days were hard. I felt like you. Then I started to respond to those impositions by not using logic. I knew that after twenty-one days of behavior a habit is created, and instead of complaining and creating terrible ones, I started behaving differently from all the others. I began to reflect on who, in deprivation, has many and for all the days of his miserable life, to get in the right perspective, then I worked to win.
I started with food. I forced myself to eat half of what I normally ate, then I began to select more easily digestible foods, which would not overload my body. I went to feed on foods that, traditionally, contributed to keeping man healthy.
The next step was to combine this with a purification of unhealthy thoughts, to have them ever higher and nobler. I forced myself to read at least one page a day of a book on a topic I didn’t know. I forced myself to do physical exercises on the bridge at dawn. An old Indian had told me years ago that the body is empowered by holding its breath. I forced myself to take deep breaths every morning. I believe my lungs never reached such a force. The evening was the time for prayers, the time to thank some entity that rules everything, for not giving me the fate of having serious hardships for my whole life.
Always the Indian advised me, years before, to get into the habit of imagining light entering me and making me stronger. It could also work for loved ones who were far away from me, and so this practice also made an appearance on every day I spent on the ship.
Instead of thinking about everything I couldn’t do, I thought about what I would do once I got off. I saw the scenes every day, lived them intensely and enjoyed the wait. Everything you can get right away is never interesting. Waiting serves to sublimate desire, to make it more powerful.
I had deprived myself of succulent foods, of many bottles of rum, of blasphemies and curses to be listed in front of the rest of the crew. I had deprived myself of playing cards, of sleeping a lot, of lazing around, of thinking only of what they were depriving me of. “
“How did it end, Captain?”
“I acquired all those new habits, boy. They made me get off after much longer than I expected.”
“Did they also deprive you of spring, anyway?”
“Yes, that year they deprived me of spring, and of many other things, but I had nevertheless flourished, I had brought spring inside, and no one could have stolen it anymore”.

From a ancient secret hermetic book that is in one of the traditions we speak of in the course but it is also relevant to the present period. These were the questions of the candidate:

Q – Where are you?

A – In the earth. I am now in a stable ground and I can go up toward the heights

Q – Which season is it?

A – It is spring

Q – What is it you desire?

A -To expand and to flourish

Q – Do you think we can help you?

A – Yes

If you are or want to become an hypno/magnetic therapist, when people will crave for RAPID and effective methods to overcome mind and spirit illness, it will be absolutely necessary for you to be the one able to dispense those methods. But first work with yourself!

Finally, last but not least, some of these techniques (the hermetic techniques) were created in periods were epidemies were very frequent. Their goal was to boost energy add to boost improving the immune system.
We will describe them fully inside our program.

Discover secret techniques. To develop limitless gifts and Magnetism potential, Fascination, Psychic influence, Energy, Vitality and going beyond your personal limits – Rediscover the tradition in a real Millenary School! Updated with the most recent Elite Expertise about Man and His potential.

And… Before putting your hands on my Hypnosis and Mesmerismus® Master Training, let me tell you a few things.

From: Dr. Marco Paret

Dear Reader

Enhancing your skills, managing your internal states, boost your energy, persuade, negotiate, mind control seems to be pieces of a complicated puzzle : Non Verbal Hypnosis,  Fascination and Mesmerismus (c) are the solutions to these puzzles!

My name is Dr. Marco Paret, and I have been doing research in this field for years.

I have also published several books (available on amazon.com) of study on authentic magnetism techniques. Among these: Easy guide to Hypnotism and Mesmerism, Magnetism Hypnotism and Mesmerism.

I also have a deep knowledge of modern techniques: in my years of research I have also studied NLP, traditional hypnosis, quantum techniques and my trainings are recognized among the most effective.

I have personally trained: Doctors (all specializations) , Managers, CEOs, Researchers, Psychologists, Educators, Martial Arts practitioners, Lawyers, etc…

I have conducted training all over the world. This is a breakthrough system of hypnosis. 

I also contribute to the expansion of AFEM (Association Francaise pour les Etudes Metaphysiques) founded in 1945 which is based on the tradition of Dr. Richet, among the first to study similar phenomena.

In the modern field I have met various Italian and American authorities of NLP, Hypnosis, and other techniques (John Grinder, Ormond McGill, Jerry Kein, Tad James, Gil Boyne and many others) who propose valid techniques- which however, are not those which we propose.

What I found, is that Real fascination an what we can call “Mesmerism” go beyond and can be modeled only partially with these approaches, which, although modern, do not propose the knowledge of some elements and principles.

These principles are instead part of the european tradition I am discussing.

NLP, linguistic and verbal were created by modeling verbal behaviours , and they never have a complete effectiveness in describing a nonverbal behavior that acts on other levels.

Also the mind catches faster Non-verbal cues than verbal cues.

When we speak about non-verbal we are are talking about an inner POWER.

But if until now you just only learnt verbal techniques you are on the right page. Even though what is here exposed is different from modern techniques, it is complementary and must integrated for results beyond what you reached until now.

In my experience I see that NLP, Quantum practitioner etc.. can surely complement and improve his knowledge. You can reach where you have always dreamed of reaching if you will have the courage to delve into the unexplored and go beyond boundaries.

As we love to say with Aristotle, “the soul goes beyond its limits”
You are about to come closer and experiment one of the most intense and powerful knowledges ever revealed.

The secrets of the authentic fascinators and hypnotists. The basis of Animal Magnetism and the development of Man. The seven ancient protocols. Discover the keys to a quantistic reality which brings man beyond his limits.

The power of hypnotism and mesmerism combined. Some people believe you need a trance: YOU DON’T NEED A TRANCE. Some People believe you need to speak: YOU CAN USE NON VERBAL, INTENTION, ENERGY INTENTION. Intention guides energy. Intention linked to intense vitality is the key of these apparently incredible feats. Use this skill in a therapeutic session and it will be skyrocketed. In fact many succesful therapists utilize the idea at the basis without even being aware of it and its other possible uses.

One of our awesome Youtube plailists with hundreds of video demonstrations.

The non-verbal is inborn and simple, while the verbal needs to be learnt and is complex

If the universe gifts you something which you fail to acknowledge and you thus turn it down, it is by no means guaranteed that such gift will come back or that the universe is going to hand it to you in the form you prefer. Placing ourselves in the position of welcoming the gifts which the Universe bestows on us is the key. Magnetism is one of those gifts!

The density of words is lower than the density of gestures. The self is primarily verbal, whereas one’s inward identity is primarily non-verbal. The body is non-verbal…

Until now we only did live trainings…

Now we have launched a new online International program for giving you a powerful experience also online.
An online TRAINING

We’ve Developed a System for Helping you learn to transform yourself in 12 Short Weeks

This online training comes in two levels:

Diamant Plus (12 weeks + 1 personal lesson and 1 Masterclass): this formula provides the most complete experience to enter this field. It corresponds exactly to the first 6 days of our NICE course and it is necessary to participate even for people who want to come live. This is the course to choose to enter this world

Due to the current circumstances we have redesigned this special training program to develop and manage your inner states, and learn the basics of working with other people

and     ADVANCED COURSE.  Our Advanced Courses is also the product of the 25 years of experience of Dr. Paret. It includes an additional system of non verbal hypnotism based on sounds, non verbal regression, advanced magnetic therapy, a non verbal communication system for understanding how to work on everybody based on muscular chains, further hermetic work etc… The advanced course also delve more with specific states of conscioussness starting  from further developments of the state of ecstasy, states of Anaesthesia, lucid somnambulism etc…

Conditions for participating in the advanced are almost the same as in Diamond Plus. A discount is possible if you have intention to follow them both. 
NEW: having had an interesting positive feedback we have decided to pair up some lessons from the third one (it means we will do some blocks of 4 hours) in order to let space for organizing additional workshop and making the course even richer. It will also be possible in this way to have time to participate in our advanced course for the people that want to follow both. 


We obviously appreciate the people that want to get the complete track basic + advanced

Therefore we offer:

Discount for

DIAMOND COMPLETE (Basic + Advanced)

Paid both in full now: 2990

Further Possible steps

If you want to have a MASTER certificate in non verbal Communication you can decided after to do a Master Thesis with us and 8 hour of small group coaching (this is the equivalent of the course “Hyper Advanced” we do in Nice at the price of 1000 euros) 







Now let’s take a look at everything you will get by becoming a Diamond Plus member of my online training program.

Most of these techniques are NOT available elsewhere!
Most importantly you learn here from the source.

Why Mesmerismus®?

We use the term “mesmerismus” to distinguish ourselves from those who perhaps utilize “mesmerism” only because they have read books, but they lack direct knowledge.

These people are not keepers of the real method. They know not what they are talking about. There is in fact a secret. With secret we refer to something very vast, a combination of practical knowledge and a precise cosmology and inner states management, which is linked to the most modern discoveries of quantum physics, and which allows us to obtain results beyond our usual limits.

Just a mention about the interactive weekly lessons…

Diamond Plus Members advanced Lessons
Diamond PLUS is PARALLEL to our actual live training and entails deeper coaching

What you will find here is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOU FIND IN ANY OTHER SCHOOL OF ERICKSONIAN HYPNOSIS, ELMAN HYPNOSIS, NLP and can be complimentary, opening new dimensions. Can be useful both for your personal growth, than for becoming a better hypnotherapist. Use it for your personal growth or to help others.


What are the benefits you can gain with this “Extreme Hypnosis and Mesmerismus (c)” training?

We have tried to be as clear as possible in the description, but If you have any questions contact us and we will be glad to answer you!

International Diamond plus with Dr Paret and his trainers Elio, Rejane and Giuseppe

Diamond Plus

  • 12 weekly interactive lessons (three months)
  • 1 individual lesson and 1 Masterclass) - (one and a half month more)
  • Personal Action Plan
  • 50 Videos
  • COMPLETE TRAINING MANUAL and Materials as in the online course
  • Exercises on Hermetism - basic activation with mirrors
  • BONUS : VIDEOS, pdf , ebooks
  • Completely equivalent to the offline course
  • Certification as in the offline course
  • Part of it and COMPLETELY DEDUCTIBLE from the offline course

DIAMOND COMPLETE (Diamond plus + Advanced Course)

  • Course duration 1 year and 4 months
  • Level 1 + Level 2 of Training. You can choose this formula even after starting the course * at the same price before the 3rd week
  • 24 interactive lessons
  • additional module of 6 lessons (4 group interactive lessons + 2 workshop) - (one and a half month more)
  • Personal Action Plan
  • 50 Videos
  • COMPLETE TRAINING MANUAL and Materials as in the online course
  • Exercises on Hermetism - basic activation with mirrors
  • Mirrors advanced practice - Access to two hermetic chambers
  • BONUS : VIDEOS, pdf ,ebooks
  • Completely equivalent to the offline course
  • Certification as in the offline course
  • Part of it and COMPLETELY DEDUCTIBLE from the offline course
  • The advanced course includes an additional system of non verbal hypnotism based on sounds, non verbal regression, advanced magnetic therapy, a non verbal communication system for understanding how to work on everybody based on muscular chains, further hermetic work etc… The advanced course also delves more with specific states of consciousness starting from further developments of the state of ecstasy, states of Anaesthesia, lucid somnambulism etc… Numerous documents and video Certificate

We accept also cryptocurrencies (stablecoins). Please contact us directly if you want to pay in this way.



Access to Exceptional event of our School and at a reduced price

Besides our normal curriculum that you find on this page, our school organize seminars and events also on: NLP3 (a specific application of dr. Paret), Personal Charisma and Success Coaching with the techniques of Mesmerismus, Persuasion coaching with our non verbal techniques, Clairvoyance and Hermetic Magnetism advanced, Sport and physical hypnosis, clinical hypnosis (program 2).

These seminars are actually not scheduled. As a valued student of ours, you will be informed, have priority access and the possibility to participate a discounted ticket when they will organised.

Note: some of these programs (Sport, Persuasion and Charisma) are avalaible also for personal Coaching.




You can refund 70 % of your payment,within 2 weeks of the courses start date. After that, the fee is non-refundable. Refund policy applies only for full payments.

NOTE We will conduct a personal interview with each participants. We reserve the right to accept only serious students that want to use these techniques for the good and for the benefit of others or for academic research. All materials included in the course are the fruit of a long and rare type of research and are to be considered as reserved for your own use and not to be diffused in forums , facebook etc… except for short excerpts by permission.

In order to retrieve EVERY SINGLE PART of what is the real and the only basis for obtaining immense and profound results in ourselves and in others -and amplifying our inner energy- we had to perform extensive research, by entering and initiating ourselves into the tradition of Animal Magnetism and Hypnotic Fascination. It is a field which directly touches man’s ESSENCE and his full development without any limit to his capacities.

In reality self development is a science. We had measured brainwaves and physiology associated with every single hypnotic state that you could get. We even collaborated in the past with various scientists to measure various changes and we will give you also related information in the course. But measuring is only the external part. To obtain real change you must start working within yourself. It is as in swimming. You can know the physics of floating in water but swimming is something else and you need a different approach.    

This website is unique to the internet and until recently, it would have been fiercely challenged.

We have revived ancient mesmeric secrets and solved problems completely non-verbally. The reality of the brain is non-verbal! This is the only existing true school that works operatively and practically with effective and authentic techniques of mesmerism and personal magnetism  …

THE AUTHENTIC TECHNIQUES OF HYPNOTIC FASCINATION AND MAGNETISM have in fact been an integral part of the hidden Knowledge in several Secret and initiatic Societies for thousands of years. They have been the basis for success for many people. These Societies said metaphorically: visit the interior of yourself to find the hidden stone,  the unique medicine. They meant the path is within us. We have some original teachings never previously published. Techniques which connect man to Nature and to the force of elements and the light of the sun. They are techniques for which man, part of the universe, can operate on himself and influence his peers without any limit of matter and space.

How would you feel if you could know that you can develop an incredibile physical and mental energy? How would you feel if you could turn your life toward another direction and wake up to a new YOU?

The non-verbal is denser than verbal. Non verbal-hypnosis is faster than the verbal kind.

Not only, influence others, yourself, and reality? And know such powerful hypnotic and therapeutic techniques that are immediately effective? In other words these disciplines are also the key for Success and Personal Power.

The pages of history are in fact marked by the estreme influence of certain people who have marked humanity and who had come into contact, often by chance, with this power. Now, here, we are finally opening up to this rare and important knowledge. You are the makers of your own reality.

Choose to create a reality where certain things are possible We are allowed to teach you how. That which is taught in our training sessions develops the power in you. It is useful for immediate results but also absolutely necessary for all those who have a desire for improvement and to go beyond in life, and for those who are interested in a wide range of topics from esoterics, to hypnotism, from yoga to personal development… It is so ancient that it is now new.

You are about to discover new ideas which are also millenary, and are part of great revealed secrets dating back to ancient Egypt. These ideas cannot be found in NLP, traditional hypnosis (which thanks to these ideas can be brought back to its original power), and not even in the “modernized” version of oriental techniques presently diffused.

If you go on the internet you will find a lot of informations, but some of them are incomplete and knowledge is fragmented in to many pieces that it is unobtainable without a true master to guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you decide to participate and you pay you will immediately receive our intro website (with Videos, various ebooks and pdfs). In a day or two we will send you a questionnaire or we will conduct a live interview. You are fully admitted only at the end of this interview. The interview is to evaluate your Goals Interests and Motivations. We want to give you what you expect to get. At the same time, as did the ancient schools, we keep a control on the entrance gate. We ask also to every participant to keep the materials and the techniques for themself and their personal use and not to diffuse them in forums, posts etc… if not for very small parts.  If for some reason we decide not to admit you, you will receive your money back. 

It’s hard to say exactly, but based on past experiences it’s clear that those who put more into the process see better results in their work. To give you a more concrete answer, though, it probably requires around 5-8 hours a week. In any case, from the first week you will participate in the online interactive course you will get techniques to induce immediately effective both for you than for other people.

The group live sessions last between an hour and a half and two hours. The final four sessions of the Diamond Plus package can be a little longer as we will try to satisfy each question, going even beyond the standard time. Each session is designed to be an interactive learning experience and includes:

– A follow-up on the previous week’s assignment.
– Additional training.
– Q&A on the weekly topic.

The personal coaching sessions last between 50 minutes and an hour. They will be adapted to fit the specific needs of each student.

In order to obtain the same certificate as in the live course, you must submit videos where we can assess your abilities. If your interest is only personal for developing yourself or for some reason you dont have possibility of working with other people, as it is for somebody now in this period of restraints due to COVID-19, you will go through a taped  personal assessment with a trainer. In any case similarly as in a public University, the exam is always public in order to show we give certificates only to people that merit them.

The Diamond Plus package offers the exact same PROGRAM you would receive in the fundamental and basic 5 or 6 days course we conduct around the world. In the plan of our school the online course should be even a prerequisite to participate in the offline physical training. The It is obviously geared  toward what is more easy to do online.

Yes, you will receive the exact same certificate if you opt for the Diamond Plus membership.

If after having followed the online course you decide also to join an offline live session we will give you an additional certificate mentioning the fact you physically participated “de vivo”.

Of course! While there’s a lot of value from interacting with the group in the live events, a recording of the sessions will be made available afterwards, which you can watch at your leisure. Just don’t wait too long to watch it so you can still do the assignments with the rest of the group and stay up-to-date with the discussions in our private online community.

I totally get it. This isn’t for everyone. I really do believe that many people want to learn something, so my YouTube channel will always be free and my books will always be affordable. For those who want a more on-going and deep personal touch and deeper secrets than what my channel offers, I’m offering this Course that in reality is a Lab and is completely parallel to our physical Live Course

In case it’s helpful, think about it this way: our normal rate for a one-on-one hour long consultation ranges from 197 euros  to 497 euros per hour. Instead of an hour, you get access to me and the team for less than 100 euros per week. Plus access to many Videos unavailable in other places, guest experts, community, training, expert reviews, and more. I’m very proud of what my team and I have put together here and am glad I can offer it as affordable as we do for this Lab.

Here’s How It Works

12 Weeks Online Training

Combining the teaching of cutting edge of hypnosis  with personal improvement techniques, each week you’ll get a specific training argument, going in depth on a topic that prepares you for the weekly assignment.

Fast Action Exercises

With implementation exercises at the end of each week, you’ll immediately apply what you learn and get feedback from your coach and the rest of the group.

Highly Intimate Community

We cap each class at 20 people in order to build an intimate, custom-tailored experience. It includes access to a private, online community for you to get quick feedback and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

LIVE Weekly Calls

Each week, for the entire 12 weeks, you’ll jump on a call with your TRAINERS and ask questions directly about how to take your practice to the next level using the principles you learned that week..

Dedicated Expert

You’ll also be assigned a dedicated expert whom I’ve personally trained. This person will hold your hand through the entire process and give you feedback as you go through the 12 weeks.

Extensive Review

At the end and during the program, the cherry on top bonus is getting a feedback from other participants in the group. And at the end you’ll get a plan for future growth

See our Testimonials!

Our international students have always had an incredible rate of satisfaction.

The four steps formula

The training is conducted using the revolutionary 4 steps formula, that is a method that is also useful for hypnosis and coaching.


You can refund 70 % of your payment,within 2 weeks of the courses start date. After that, the fee is non-refundable. Refund policy applies only for full payments.

NOTE : All materials included in the course are the fruit of a long and rare type of research and are to be considered as reserved for your own use and not to be diffused in forums , facebook etc… except for short excerpts by permission. 

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