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Lesson #2 – The vital force

This lesson is to put away any limiting belief you could have about vitality and its importance. Magnetism  is easy if you learn it with the right mindset. It is a very natural mindset. Magnetism, in fact, is based on the development of an inner force of energy. This force is linked to our vitality and it is enhanced by our presence.

If you were to inquire from many people as to how they have attained success, they would reply to you that “they had been blessed with luck”, and that life’s circumstances had enabled them to give expression to their own inspiration. In actual fact, these persons set out from an inward impulse, from some force or energy which is created out of their subjective interaction with the Universe. It is this force, this energy, which confers stability even on their life plan, and which enables them to persevere amid difficulties and through them. This force is not stubborness. Resort to this kind of force is normally escorted by a feeling of inner satisfaction, and by a resolute desire to enjoy life with regard to every thing it has to offer.

For many people, these elements are additionally conjoined to a powerful charm which they exercise on their fellow humans. That is an aspect which empowers them to attain remarkable results even faster. By creating in fact a virtuous circle, they lead other persons to share and support their idea. Though these individuals seemingly engage in nothing that is deemed “special”, they elicit people’s sympathy, interest and high regard. Their presence is welcomed, and one feels as if he needs to win over their friendship and earn their esteem.

In the same way as some people have more impact on the others, it is a matter of common observation that some practitioners of the healing art have always been more successful than others, with no apparent advantage however at the outset, in acuteness of intellect, diligence of application to study, efficient culture, or extent of experience. It has generally been attributed to superior judgment, nothing having been credited to intuitional perception: but if we understand the true reason of this difference we can have a method to teach everybody how to reach these higher results enhancing our VITAL ENERGY and PRESENCE.
In our seminars both we, and our students with a hypnotic background, have greatly improved our practices and have become able to conduct sessions that greatly empower their clients.

Vital Force and Modern Culture

“One can develop a series of natural states, wherein the entire nature is in front of you, which you are part and parcel thereof” (F.A. Mesmer).

All the time since the ancient era, from the Greeks to hermeticism and renaissance culture, and later in romanticism, characterized by the “Naturphilosophie”, Western culture of the past has known the idea of a vital force, a superior energy arising out of the connection with Nature. 

By re-establishing his connection with Nature, man becomes himself more, and is more “alive”.

The selfsame concept of vital energy is present in China, India and America.

Even though it might be generally accepted by the population, and is undoubtedly shared across the artistic field and even embraced by the “elites”, such notion has found it hard to hold sway within academic circles.

The philosophy behind the concept of vital force, in fact, consists in letting go of mental superstructures. It would be paradoxical to hope to study it by means of words.

In fact, the first people to accept such philosophy and place it as a scientific reality within an academic context, without fuelling any objections to that step, have been the scholars devoted to the study of “other” cultures .

Science and Vital Force

Science’s acceptance of the concept of “vital force” has first occurred at the hands of ethnologists (R.H. Codrington – 1891) who were busy studying the Indonesian and Polynesian regions. Thereafter, it was taken up by the founders of religious ethnology (R.Marett, M.Mauss and E. Durkheim). It was in fact discovered that this force was present as an essential principle in most diverse cultures ranging from Asia and Africa to the American Indies. As stated by Mauss in this connection, “this composite idea of force and environment eschews classification in terms of the rigid and abstract categories of our language and reason. From the viewpoint of an intellectual psychology of the individual, such composite idea eludes explanation. Let us however investigate whether a psychology of the individual within a collective unit, which is not steeped in intellectualism, might concede and explain its existence”

What is garnered from reading Mauss’ words is that it is important to understand that these studies might be carried out without the need to pose the question as to whether or not such “vital energy” can be proved at a physical level. It suffices, indeed, if it is perceived in the immediate directness of its effects and within the human being.

The difference between the various fields ought not to be blurred. Objectivity is useful in order to measure such physical elements as dimension, speed, motion, etc. These are concepts which still depend on the observer. As for this other sphere we are focusing on here, it should be noted that it consists in a human context. Our interest in this context is in the wellbeing of the individual concerned and in psychological application. These disciplines belong therefore to the arena of subjectivity, and thus the question that must be raised is the following: “Subjectively, by placing oneself in certain specific conditions, is this vital energy one which can be perceived?”. If the answer is in the affirmative, it represents an important reality to be concerned with.

Starting from the premise of this question, we can observe that the concept of vital force is universal and transcends the barrier of particularized cultures. It is a concept shared by populations which have never come into contact with one another. If we wanted to espouse the Jungian vision, we would refer to it as an archetype. If we prefer to adopt other visions of things, it would still be a transversally accepted reality. Therefore, regardless of the scientists who have endeavoured to ascertain whether such an energy existed at an objective level as well, to verify, that is, whether it could also be catalogued as a tangible “truth” at an instrumental level (refer to the so-called studies on bio-magnetism in this regard), the existence of this force is undeniable when viewed from a subjective perspective.

The more one delves into this field of inquiry, the greater the impression one gets that this force is something which, though it cannot be captured and measured by tools, it does not for that reason escape encompassment by an inward sense of the human level. Regardless of anything else, at that level such force exists. 

Even from the visual angle of the simplest and most reductive psychology, it is therefore useful to pay heed to this force when one is working on a client, with awareness of the fact that it is in any event a universal concept which is present in Polynesia just as much as in Africa and in America, i.e. in places which are the farthest one can get from one another, such that no reciprocal contact between them could be envisaged to have materialized at all.

By rediscovering the energy which is generated by one’s contact with Nature, we might then also rediscover something which is intrinsic to man. Nature is the foundation of this intrinsic human reality. 

This renewed connection with nature, this retrieval of an enlarged consciousness, represents the first step to approach this Animal Magnetism. In order to plunge into that state, thinking is not required. Nay, thinking might be the very impediment to a person feeling this state of expanded consciousness.  

The change of attitude which occurs within a natural environment is not, however, a mere impression. It is a proven fact that such an attitudinal transformation is escorted by a specific kind of attention. This variety of attention has ultimately been observed scientifically by the scholar of the environment, Kaplan.  He analyzed its implications for the discipline of setting up an environment suitable to the human being, which is called   “soft fascination”. The Kaplan spouses have been, within the ranks of academic scholars, among the pioneers of the investigation of Nature’s psychological benefits. By resorting to a series of experiments, they have in fact shown how natural environments produce an impact on man’s physical and mental health. Subsequent researches have demonstrated the usefulness of re-establishing connection with Nature. The studies carried out by Bernardine Cimprich have laid bare the truth that the psychological health of patients affected by cancer “improved drastically” after they began to busy themselves, for twenty minutes daily, thrice weekly, with activities conducted in natural environments. The monitoring group as such yielded no result. As for the studies undertaken by Frances Kuo and William Sullivan, they led one to discern the fact that people living close to trees would derive benefit for it. “More civilization, less aggression, and the youngsters studied more”.

Exercise on being in contact with Nature

Continue the exercises on presence we thought you in the former lesson, but, as soon as possible, do also the following ones.

The key lies in Nature. Animal magnetism means a magnetism which is in contact with Nature

1 – Stay in Nature – try to feel yourself as part of Nature. Observe the larger things: the sky, the clouds, the mountains. Feel its “pulse” and the pleasant sensation of feeling connected,

2 – Catch the feeling of harmony with the whole. This is your starting point for working, as the goal is also that of allowing your client to feel and live this harmony.

3 – While standing also feel the connection between earth and sky. Feel the heaviness of your body

Further Thoughts

What is, however, the essential importance of getting in contact with Nature’s energy?

One of Mesmer’s inventions was the so-called “bacquet”. The motivational drive behind such invention was the desire to reproduce a sensibility, an attention to the vital force which is a given in natural conditions, and which he found to be lacking in urban settlements. There is however no need to resort to machines in order for one to experience the sensation linked to “magnetism” and to the “Vital Energy”. If one wants to start experiencing what is meant by “magnetism”, or, to put it in mesmeric terms, “setting the fluid in motion”, it is enough to betake to a natural spot, possibly one where trees are present, which is further in touch with silence. It would then be easy to detect a “sensation” of general balance. This sensation of balance is termed, in the discipline of animal magnetism, “renewed connection with nature” and “renewed connection with energy currents”.

Scientific experiments have disclosed the fact that, in these scenarios of “soft fascination”, even the motions by the eyes undergo a transformation, and the pupil becomes dilated. The mental state, too, changes. We recover a sensibility which, with regard to animals, is something obvious, whence the name “animal magnetism”. At this stage, one can gain access to a different state, being one in which it is possible to open oneself up to intuition and to the mind’s higher levels.

This state of connection is additionally linked to an emotion of openness. Love is in actual truth the perception of a connection. Precisely because of that, it probably is, in this sense of perception of a deep connection, the most important emotion for healing. 

Changing Beliefs 

First limiting belief to smash in order to understand the discipline: Man is separate from Nature.

The truth, instead, is that man is part of Nature, and is connected with the whole.

Magnetism is thus based on an attitude of PARTICIPATING in the reality. In other words, every distinction between “subjective inward” and “objective outward” in man is misleading. Pure objectivity does not exist, as it always presupposes, in any event, an observer who interprets it through his senses (or through some tools), which only perceive what they have been enabled to perceive.

Man is connected to nature, of which he is an inherent part (F.A. Mesmer).

We are the source of our reality

Quantum note: After all, participation is the primary method of our existence. We can only understand what the world is if we are living in it. This truth gives rise to a further implied corollary – As Mesmer used to say: “Consciousness acts at the level of the fluid”. Put it in other terms, while we perceive it, we also modify the deepest structure of our own world. We are the source of our reality, due to the very fact that we exist in it .

This likewise entails a power whereby magnetism is able to acquaint us with the fundament of current quantum sciences: We lie at the source-root of our reality, inasmuch as our presence is a must in order for potentialities to convert into reality. 

The main key to open the doors of the unconscious and unlock the secret power of the charism, mind control, personal magnetism for a full abundance life.
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