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Unique opportunity, unrepeatable:
the Holy Grail of hypnosis and inner development!
The most powerful and advanced Master on mesmerism, fascination and non verbal hypnosis. Rediscovered secret techniques brought to our present day: an Authentic Tradition updated with modern quantistic science.

Discover secret techniques. To develop limitless gifts and Magnetism potential, Fascination, Psychic influence, Energy, Vitality and personality – Rediscover the tradition in a real Millenary School! Updated with the most recent elite expertise about Man and His potential.

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The power of hypnotism and mesmerism combined. Some people believe you need a trance: YOU DON’T NEED A TRANCE. Some People believe you need to speak: YOU CAN USE NON VERBAL, INTENTION, ENERGY INTENTION. Intention guides energy. Intention linked to intense vitality is the key of these apparently incredible feats. Use this skill in a therapeutic session and it will be skyrocketed. In fact many succesful therapists utilize the idea at the basis without even being aware of it and its other possible uses.
The secrets of the authentic fascinators and hypnotists. The basis of Animal Magnetism and the development of Man. The seven ancient protocols. Discover the keys to a quantistic reality which brings man beyond his limits.

Source: Research done by Dr. Paret
The non-verbal is inborn and simple, while the verbal needs to be learnt and is complex.
If the universe gifts you something which you fail to acknowledge and you thus turn it down, it is by no means guaranteed that such gift will come back or that the universe is going to hand it to you in the form you prefer. Placing ourselves in the position of welcoming the gifts which the Universe bestows on us is the key. Magnetism is one of those gifts!
The density of words is lower than the density of gestures. The self is primarily verbal, whereas one’s inward identity is primarily non-verbal. The body is non-verbal…





Dear Researcher,
The ancients hypnotized and got wonderful results without words. And many times they got results that actual operators don’t get.
And if you look at ancient texts you see that effects of mental suggestion, telepathy were much more common as today. There is a secret behind.
This is a page about secret techniques not avalaible elsewhere
In the time a lift goes up on two floors, a girl, that had spoken to dr. Paret about her problem, get hypnotized with fascination. She also get relieved by her lack of security. The day after she spoke very well with a public. Very fast hypnotic induction. Notice: the eyes of the girl that become wide open and her face that changes, the magnetic passes dr. Paret did to create magnetic somnambulism and the stupefaction she had as she opened her eyes as she didn’t recognize the ambiance as she arrived there while in trance.
The authentic knowledge and the power of the original school of Animal Magnetism from which Franz Anton Mesmer (who paved the way to hypnosis) drew part of his knowldge and which has been hidden for centuries is finally available again.

Not just symbols. Clear instructions under a Master mentoring you to the results!
This knowledge is now espressed in a comprehensible language for today’s world. The rediscovery of this tradition brings us back to the full power of the source from which many modern techniques have come forth. It also presents us with completely new elements for our age, which are fundamental for man.

What you can gain access to is a power which brings you beyond the normal limits and allows for the creation of a better and superior man (or woman) who is connected to the force of Nature.

In the past fifty years less and less people were left who had the knowledge of the “real secret”.

We use the term “mesmerismus” to distinguish ourselves from those who perhaps utilize “mesmerism” only because they have read books, but they lack direct knowledge.

These people are not keepers of the real method. They know not what they are talking about. There is in fact a secret. With secret we refer to something very vast, a combination of practical knowledge and a precise cosmology which is linked to the most modern discoveries of quantum physics, and which allows us to obtain results beyond our usual limits.

Ancient Egyptians
Count of Saint Germain

These are th names of some of the people that were on this path..

To notice in the video: The fascinated look of the subject
The improvise fall of the girl on which the anesthesia was done. The different types of anesthesia (to pinches and to burning wax: these are different receptors in the skin).
Analgesia (Anesthesia) can be a key point in inducing trance with magnetism. If you get anesthesia (and you get with 75% of the subjects immediately on first round while 25% need some little training) after you can get very deep results.
In around 1850 dr. Esdaile did many surgical operations using anesthesia.

“He who does not seek it is not likely to find it” – Paracelsus

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The main key to open the doors of the unconscious and unlock the secret power of the charism, mind control, personal magnetism for a full abundance life.
Seduce, persuade, negotiate seems to be pieces of a complicated puzzle : Hypnosis and Fascination are the solutions to these puzzles!
In order to retrieve EVERY SINGLE PART of what is the real and the only basis for obtaining immense and profound results in ourselves and in others -and amplifying our inner energy- we had to perform extensive research, by entering and initiating ourselves into the tradition of Animal Magnetism and Hypnotic Fascination. It is a field which directly touches man’s ESSENCE and his full development without any limit to his capacities.


In this image we see a green lion with some specific points of the body outlined.
This website is unique to the internet and until not long ago, it would have been fiercely challenged.

Reviving ancient mesmeric secrets and solving problems non verbally as the reality of the brain is non verbal! This is the only true school on mesmerism and personal magnetism existing …

THE AUTHENTIC TECHNIQUES OF HYPNOTIC FASCINATION AND MAGNETISM have in fact been an integral part of the hidden Knowledge in several Secret Societies for thousands of years. They have been the basis for success of many people. Their characteristic is that they are techniques which connect man to Nature and to the force of light and of the sun. They are techniques for which man, part of the universe, can operate on himself and influence his similars without any limit of matter and space.

How would you feel if you could know that you can develop an incredibile physical and mental energy? How would you feel if you could turn your life toward another direction and wake up to a new YOU?

The non-verbal is denser than verbal.

Not only, influence others, yourself, and reality? And know such powerful hypnotic and therapeutic techniques that are immediately effective? In other words these disciplines are also the key for Success and Personal Power.

The pages of history are in fact marked by the estreme influence of certain paople who have marked humanity and who had come into contact, often by chance, with this power. Now, here, we are finally opening up to this rare and important knowledge. You are the makers of our own reality.


Choose to create a reality where certain things are possible We are allowed to teach you how. That which is taught in our training sessions develops the power in you. It is useful for immediate results but also absolutely necessary for all those who have a desire for improvement and to go beyond in life, and for those who are interested in a wide range of topics from esoterics, to hypnotism, from yoga to personal development… It is so ancient that it is now new.

You are about to discover new ideas which are also millenary, and are part of great revealed secrets dating back to ancient Egypt. These ideas cannot be found in NLP, traditional hypnosis (which thanks to these ideas can be brought back to its original power), and not even in the “modernized” version of oriental techniques presently diffused.

If you go on the internet you will find a lot of informations, but some of them are incomplete and knowledge is fragmented in to many pieces that it is unarrivable without a true master guiding you.

Today the most powerful and complete professional training available on Hypnosis, Fascination and Magnetism…

My name is Dr. Marco Paret, and I have been doing research in this field for years. I have also published several books (available on of study on authentic magnetism techniques. Among these: Easy guide to Hypnotism and Mesmerism, Magnetism Hypnotism and Mesmerism. I also have a deep knowledge of modern techniques: in my years of research I have also studied NLP, traditional hypnosis, quantum techniques and my trainings are recognized among the most effective.
I have personally trained: Doctors (all specializations) , Managers, CEOs, Researchers, Psychologists, Educators, Martial Arts practitioners, Lawyers, etc…
I also contribute to the expansion of AFEM (Association Francaise poue les Etudes Metaphysiques) founded in 1945 which is based on the tradition of Dr. Richet, among the first to study similar phenomena.
In the modern field I have met various Italian and American authorities of NLP, Hypnosis, and other techniques (John Grinder, Ormond McGill, Jerry Kein, Tad James, Gil Boyne and many others) who propose valid techniques- which however, are not those which we propose.
Real fascination goes beyond and can be modelled only partially to these approaches, which, although modern, do not propose the knowledge of some elements which refer to the european tradition I am discussing. Furthermore, since they are mainly, like NLP, linguistic and verbal, they never have a complete effectiveness in describing a nonverbal behavior that acts on other levels.
We are talking about a POWER. Even though what is here exposed is different from modern techniques, it is complementary and must integrated.
In my experience I also know that if you are already an NLP, Quantum practitioner etc.. you can surely completing with this knowledge and reach where you have always dreamed of reaching if you will have the courage to delve into the unexplored and go beyond boundaries.
As we love to say with Aristotle, “the soul goes beyond its limits”
You are about to come closer and experiment one of the most intense and powerful knowledges ever revealed.


Here now a small list of knowledges you can learn with “Mesmerism and Fascination” program:

How to achieve perfection in the mastery of verbal and non verbal hypnotic induction tecniques , instant hypnosis and other lesser known but no less effective techniques. Many of these hypnotic inductions can be learned only at our school. You will always be directly supervised.

Our techniques and secrets for increasing success and leadership, in business and private life by using also hypnosis and magnetic fascination.

All you really need to know about hypnosis, regression hypnosis, magnetism, fascination and how to conduct a hypnotic trance from induction to awakening. In our school, you learn the tricks and secrets of these disciplines.

An almost unlimited amount of tools and practical models for any situation of personal and business life. The school trains professionals in a sector that is currently booming and these courses can be the start of a career or the icing on the cake for those who are already very experienced.

How to use these techniques to guess the real needs of a person and analyze his inner states. And also to create instant empathy and trust for counseling and coaching.

How to get a better emotional feeling and exceptional ability to analyze and manage yours and others emotions. This is also really useful to enhance the effectiveness of hypnotic techniques and it is essential for this kind of profession.

Learn how to use hypnosis, self-hypnosis and magnetic techniques to overcome negative emotions and blocks such as fear, indecision, insecurity, shyness etc. With the methods of our school you learn the principles most powerful currently available, result of long research.

How to use these techniques to take more control in situations of everyday life and how to use them to help those in need.

New models for use hypnosis and magnetism to bring harmony and well-being in your life.


Wich are the benefits you can gain with “Extreme Hypnosis” training?

Exceptional increase of your personal magnetism.

The best relationship with yourself and others. Increased credibility, reliability, leadership and sex appeal.

Discover more about you, explore yourself and learn the unconscious language.

Discover the secrets of instant empathy. In fact learn hypnosis means knowing the communication. Inter alia, you’ll be capable of easily and naturally help those who are in trouble.

Depending on your interest, drastic increase of persuasion, seduction and influence skills to establish trust and emotional relationships.

Expansion of the intellectual faculties, mnemonic, creative etc. Hypnosis is a natural state of expansion of the Self. In another department of the School we use hypnosis for learning foreign languages.

Have a true possibility to start or improve your professional holistic career in the field of wellness.

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